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What's Your Ringtone?


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No, no...I said ringtone NOT ringpiece...


Just wondering what tune you have as a ringtone on your phone?


Is it just a nice, sensible preset tone (classic ringing tone etc) or are you one of those chav arses with some nasty trance catterwailing nonsense going on?


I've heard some embarrassing shit whilst sat on the train on my daily commute like Blondie's "Call Me" (or worse, Spagna's "Call Me"!)...so treat this thread as a confessional. Tell us what you think makes for a cool ringtone and what woulld just make you cringe with embarrassment...


Personally speaking, my worst has to be Depeche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence" a couple of year's ago. Just have a dull bland preset "ring, ring" now.

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Guest lankybellwipe

I do not, cannot, will not, and do NOT understand, why people download a ringtone for £1.50, like that frog bollocks. And I do not understand why people go to such trouble to have a song as a ringPIECE!  When my phone rings, I answer it, generally within 4 rings, say hello 6 times, then shout "HELLO!" and hang up. (That always happens) What I don't do, is stand there, dancing at the bus stop, to the Nokia theme,  while a frustrated caller shouts "Answer the fuckin phone tit!"


My ringtone is a standard beeep beeeep btw! 

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