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It's a boy!


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Congrats to the pair, can honestly say you will struggle to find a nicer couple so I am 110% confident the little fella is going to be a credit.


Genuinely over the moon with this news. Hope to see mother and father posting again soon.



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Guest kingdawson

Congratulations to Midds and Catmag, their little baby boy has just been born!


7lb 10oz.


Baby and mother doing well. :celb:


Wow, didn't even know they were together. Great news though, so congratulations to both of them (especially Catmag who was the only person to wish me a happy birthday despite claiming i was sexist O0).



Honestly though, that's nice to hear :thup: :thup:.

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How long until he's got an account on here then?


Can already type Freddy Shepherd. Reading that kind of thing while in the womb has an effect.



Congratulations to both.

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