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Any male or female nurses post on here?

Big Geordie

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Quick question if there is - wondering what entry requirements you need to get into nursing? I ask because it's something I'm interested in doing in the future. Won't be for another 4/5 years yet, until my little girl is at school (I'm gonna be a stay-at-home dad from June)


I ask because although I have a degree (a BSc in Business Information Studies) - would I need a GCSE grade C in a Science to become eligible? Alas I only have one grade C - and that was in English Language.


Help/advice would be appreciated. Ta. :)

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Thanks Catmag. Been looking into it a bit today and it seems I might need that grade C in both Maths and Biology. Was hoping the fact I already had a degree might be enough, but am not so sure. Anyway as I said in the OP - it's something which is still a few years away yet.

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5 GCSE's at a minimum of grade C (or equivalent) including English Language and Maths.


Other Higher level qualifications include:


BTEC National Diploma


Two A-Level Passes


AVCE (12 unit award)




Access to Higher Education (kite marked) with at least one science unit and the GCSE's listed above.


Sorta. But I'm not sure in your case as you have a degree. Probably better talking to UCAS.

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Can I just clarify that this is nothing to do with me, this is a friend's new girl and I'm just looking out for him.


:lol: why are you clarifying? does he post on here or summat?


No, I just don't this thread becoming a Invicta/Yorkie/Towelie when it is nothing of the sort :razz:

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