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CD Drive broken - How can I reformat?


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Ok, so my installation of Windows is completely fucked.  I'm using Ubuntu right now to post this.  I'd like to reinstall windows, but there's one problem: My CD Drive isn't working.  I've tried installing from a USB drive and that has failed, I don't know if you can install from an external hard drive and my BIOS fails to recognize my external CD Drive.  Anyone have any other ideas?

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Guest Lazlo


Stick your hard drive into a different PC with a working drive, and install that way..?  Or just pick up a new drive, they're not expensive these days.


I don't think this would work because windows installs drivers specific to the mobo that is being installed on.



Did you try the usb/external h/d  installation with usb legacy support turned on in bios ?


You 'may' be able to install via a disk image using daemon tools.



but yeah, they're pretty cheap :D

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