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I've been listening to various podcasts in the gym lately. Up till now I've mostly just been listening to various football podcasts, but this is getting increasingly difficult because every mention of Newcastle tends to make me burst out into spontaneous tears at this point. So I'm searching for alternatives.


Does anyone have any fun podcasts to recommend?

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Obviously the Ricky Gervais ones are massive if you like him. There are hours of material available now, it's mostly under 'Audiobooks' on iTunes. And you have to pay of course.


I mainly listen to ones to do with my job though, less for entertainment.

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Guest LucaAltieri

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe - General Science and Scepticism



Diggnation is ok but I've gone off it a bit. It's just two American guys sat on a sofa being dicks and talking about funny news stories pulled from their website.


Stephen Fry is obviously interesting when he finally gets round to putting up a new one.


This Week in Tech - Pretty much what it sounds like.


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