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GB V Australia (Rugby League)


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Did anybody see the game, outstanding match and we beat them fair and square.


Willie Mason gets a one match ban for smashing Stuart Fielding in the face unbelievable, does anybody know if he will also get punished for the late elbow on Sean Long.


If the Brit boys did this kind of stuff they would be banned for more than 1 game.

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3 wisemen a Aussie, a Kiwi and a brit voted 2 v 1 that elbowing someone in the face 3 seconds after a ball has been kicked is not something that needs answering to. I leave you work out who voted infavour of Mason.


Apparently its all Stuart Fieldens fault that he got a broken nose and was knocked to the floor " Willie is a better fighter" and "Fielden looked as if he was going to hit Willie"


If any of us are up for assault charges in the future you know what to say.


Disgrace and if anyone from the British Team says anything we will be called moaning Pommes. and softies and all crap like that. Willie Mason is a c**t, he disrespected the NZ Haka and one of them knocked him senseless in a fair tackle, I hope we can do the same should we make the Grand Final.


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