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They've made an online game based on the recession now :lol:




Welcome to Dossergame!


Become part of the virtual dosser world and start scrounging for donations in the streets of London!


Earn some money with making music in the streets or collecting junk. Align with other dossers in a  a gang and become leader of your borough!


Life on the street is hard so a strong community can make it a lot easier. Go and have a look for some mates in the forum and don`t be stingy with helping other dossers to make a living by clicking on their donation link. And maybe a cute little pet can help you increasing your income?


Become a dosser and join the dossergame community now!


We are right now working on the forum and support to provide you a good base for a lot of fun with the other dossers in the streets of London!



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