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Bankers Fat cat pensions. (Disgrace).


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RBS deputy gets £500,000 pension


Gordon Pell's pension pot was £9.8m


The last member of Sir Fred Goodwin's failed top team at the Royal Bank of Scotland is set to retire with a £517,000-a-year pension.

Deputy chief executive Gordon Pell will retire early next year with a pension pot worth £9.8m.

He is the last survivor from the board which presided over the bank's ill-fated expansion, including its takeover of Dutch bank ABN Amro in 2007.

RBS lost £24.1bn in 2008 - the largest loss in UK corporate history.


I realise high end bank bods have a different level of renumeration, but this might have been time to show some moderation seeing as public money has been

used to save their corpulent arses.








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On another note, Guy Whittaker (also leaving RBS this week) seems to be doing it in a more dignified way (still earning shedloads mind). Working out his notice until a successor is found to receive a reduced lump sum and only taking the min entitlement for pension (nowt if he gets another job).


I know that should be expected, but given what some are like it's pleasing to know that some have some sort of semblance of decency.

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