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Claiming for Lost Post with Royal Mail

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Has anyone made a claim where their post has went missing?


Basically i sold a game on ebay for £30 and a man from Greece bought it. He has good feedback (over 60) and he says it hasn't came after 4 weeks of waiting. So Im in the process of trying to claim for the full calue of the item.


I sent in by airmail and  have the original postage receipt as well as proof of the item being sold and for how much.


Just wondering if anyone has been successful with their claim or know of anyone who has?

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I work for Royal Mail and my wife has lost Ebay stuff she has posted out and she has received  full compensation for the value .When you post your stuff make sure you get a receipt for each item and write the post code down on it and your main receipt at the end of transaction keep also and a tip for posting abroad find a product with insurance and a signature at there end .



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