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Teen Robs Shop With Banana

Dinho lad

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A teenager was caught trying to rob a store with a banana - then ate the makeshift weapon to destroy the evidence.


Sadly for John Szwalla he was unable to swallow the skin which was duly photographed by police in North Carolina, America.


The 17-year-old is currently in the county jail charged with attempted armed robbery.


The bizarre drama began when Szwalla entered the 109 Biz Center in Winston-Salem with a banana under his shirt.


The hapless thief told staff in the internet cafe that he had a gun and demanded cash, according to local reports.


Owner Bobby Ray Mabe said he and a customer jumped on to Szwalla, pinning him into a chair before deputies arrived.


But while they waited for police, Mabe says the teen stuffed the banana into his mouth and swallowed it.


When deputies arrived they took pictures of the banana peel instead.


Forsyth County Sheriff's office spokesman Major Brad Stanley said police joked about charging Szwalla with destroying evidence.


"If he had had a gun he would've shot me," Mabe said yesterday.


"But he had a banana," he added.


Szwalla faces a charge of attempted armed robbery. Jail officials said he does not have an lawyer.


Szwalla is in the Forsyth County Jail, with bond set at £35,000.






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