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Baby P's mam apologises.

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Guest toonlass

There must be another thread about Baby P but I can't find it.




Baby Peter's mother has apologised for the "pain and suffering" endured by her son before his death.


In a letter to the judge who is due to sentence her, alongside her boyfriend and lodger, she said: "I punish myself on a daily basis" and "am truly sorry".


Peter died after months of abuse in Haringey, north London, in August 2007.


In a statement read at the Old Bailey, his father said he could not believe "such appalling cruelty" had been inflicted upon his son.


Peter's mother, her boyfriend and their lodger are to be sentenced for causing or allowing the baby's death.


Peter was 17 months old when he died with more than 50 injuries, despite being on Haringey Council's child protection register.



Mother's letter


I have lost all I hold dear to me , now every day of my life is full of guilt and trying to come to terms with my failure as a mother.


I punish myself on a daily basis and there is not a day that goes by where I don't cry at some point.


While I appreciate I am going to be given a custodial sentence, I would like to say I am sorry for all the pain and suffering my failure has led to.


I know I can never forgive myself of my shortcomings . I am truly sorry.




In a two-day sentencing hearing, Peter's father described him as a "cheerful, bubbly, smiling" boy.


"He was such an adorable and loveable little boy. He loved to be cuddled and tickled. He made anyone in his presence happy," he said.


Peter's father, who had separated from the boy's mother, said he could never come to terms with his death.


"I continue to feel extremely angry for what happened to Peter," he said.


On the last occasion he took Peter back to his mother, the boy started to scream, his father said.


He now realised that was because Baby Peter was going back to "a life of pain, fear and loneliness with no-one to care for or comfort him".


On 3 August 2007 he received a phone call from the boy's mother, saying he was on his way to hospital suffering breathing difficulties.


Baby Peter's father was "frantic with worry" and when he arrived at the hospital he was told his son had already been declared dead.


"I just wanted to pick him up and take him home but there was nothing I could do for him," he said.


"I kissed him on the forehead and said goodbye."


Baby Peter's father said he comforted the boy's mother at that stage because he believed her explanation that he had died suddenly, probably from cot death.


After the details of the boy's death emerged a week later, his father said he turned to drink and was unable to work.


He said it was the "most horrendous time" and that he could not stop thinking about his son's last days.


"No human being, especially a child, deserves to suffer like Peter suffered in the last weeks and months of his life," he said.


His mother, her boyfriend, 32, and their lodger Jason Owens were found guilty of causing or allowing the baby's death.


Her boyfriend will also be sentenced for raping a two-year-old girl.




It's a bit too late now pet.

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just watching the news on this and it would appear their identities are still being hid (not named in the news report and court artist drawings have the faces blurred).


why after conviction and setencing while the lodger who got 3 years for doing nothing to stop it is named and pictured ?

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I cannot even begin to comprehend how any mother could sit there and let those evil, horrific things happen to her baby.  I can't bear to even hear the details of it on the news as it's just too horrible.

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well that's what she tried to do with her letter - but the jufge reckoned:--


"Old Bailey Judge Stephen Kramer said both Baby Peter's mother and Owens would be jailed indefinitely until "deemed no longer to be a risk to the public and in particular to small children".


He described the mother as a "manipulative" and "self-centred" person with "a calculating side as well as a temper".  The judge said she neglected Baby Peter, who was 17 months old at the time of his death, for the sake of her relationship with her boyfriend.  The atmosphere in their home allowed "a complete lack of care", with "a sickening and descending loss of personal responsibility", he said.


"I reject the suggestion that you were blind to what was happening in that house or that you were naive," he told Baby Peter's mother.  "Your conduct over the months prevented Peter from being seen by social services. You actively deceived the authorities."


SO he wasn't conned anyway


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