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Official Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) thread.

Chrissy Bee

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Starts this week, I think it deserves a thread. Some interesting trailers have been released already:


Brink (New Bethesda [of morrowind and Fallout3] game)



DJ Hero



Just Cause 2



Mass Effect 2



Nier (Squenix action game?)



Ratchet & Clank Future: CT



Split/Second (racer from the guys who made Pure)


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Didn't they just release a new fucking PSP?


That was the slim & lite, which they're going to keep producing apparently. This is all digital - no UMD drive and a 16GB internal memory.


Looks utter shit IMO. How are you meant to use that analogue nub? :lol:

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Will be interesting to see if Alan Wake & Splinter Cell Conviction appear. Both have looked highly impressive but seem to keep slipping backwards.


I'm guessing this is all we'll see of Conviction.



That really wouldn't surprise me. There looks to be a good line up this year in general with plenty of games that take my interest. Hopefully a few surprises in there too.

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Almost nailed on to be a motion sensor camera coming for the 360, will be very interesting to see where they are going with that.


Probably the same way as nintendo, making loads of shit games, that use it and thus parents think will be mint, leading to loads of sales and loads of MONIES !

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On a similar note to the motion sensing camera, I believe Nintendo should be displaying their Wii Motion Plus adapter thing for the Wii Remote. While the software from Nintendo itself will obviously be as basic as possible I'm intrigued to see how EA's Grand Slam Tennis and golf equivalent are coming along. The video clips I've seen so far of someone waving the remote around and it translating to on screen actions have looked excellent so far. It would be nice to see a fuller demonstration of just how much additional depth the hardware add on will bring.

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Guest Heneage

Almost nailed on to be a motion sensor camera coming for the 360, will be very interesting to see where they are going with that.

I'm friends/know a guy who works for Brit Xbox I met him at the Wheelman day at Newcastle, and he thinks that Xbox will fuck this up due to it's limited application and lack of follow up stuff post release.

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"Under Pressure" is going to be in Guitar Hero 5.



The band setlist for Guitar Hero 5 (from nme.com):


Band Of Horses


Darkest Hour




Iron Maiden

Wild Cherry


The White Stripes

Jimmy Eat World

Bob Dylan


Beastie Boys

The Raconteurs


Duran Duran

Tom Petty


Public Enemy Featuring Zakk Wylde

Queens Of The Stone Age

The Sword



Doors Down

Smashing Pumpkins

David Bowie

Mötley Crüe

Attack! Attack!

Dire Straits

Johnny Cash

The Derek Trucks Band






Billy Squier

My Morning Jacket

Kaiser Chiefs

Brand New


Bon Jovi


Billy Idol

Elliott Smith

A Perfect Circle

Sonic Youth

Kings Of Leon

The Bronx

Queen & David Bowie

Screaming Trees

The Killers

Vampire Weekend

TV On The Radio

John Mellencamp

Scars On Broadway

The Rolling Stones

Stevie Wonder

Face to Face

Peter Frampton

No Doubt

Iggy Pop


Thin Lizzy

The Police

Children of Bodom

Elton John

Arctic Monkeys


Rose Hill Drive

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Deep Purple

Darker My Love

Jeff Beck

Love and Rockets

The Duke Spirit

Sunny Day Real Estate

King Crimson

T. Rex

Gov’t Mule

Eagles Of Death Metal

Grand Funk Railroad


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