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RAM Problem


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I currently have 2 gigs of ram. So I thought I'd buy 2 more gigs as they're cheap.


I have 2 slots on my motherboard so 2 gigs in each slot would be fine.


So, when adding the other 2 gigs and running my pc, everything is slow and my cpu usage is constantly at 100%. When looking at the taskmanager, the processes aren't at 100, the highest is like 25 or so.



The ram is the correct speed and size and my OS should be fine with this. I haven't a clue why its doing this...


2 gigs = fine but 4 gigs = mental


I'm out of ideas..

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Look for a bios update, or just smack the ram volts up, might work. If not you shouldn't of been a pikey


if any moderator is about, delete this


my problem is that my budget motherboard only supports 2gigs max, which is a total joke :(


I'm getting a new motherboard soon. Plus Abit, the mobo's maker, went out of business in dec 08 so no more updates/support.

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