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New N-O FIFA 09 Cup - Nixon retains title beating Coco 2-1 in the final


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New N-O Fifa 09 Cup on the Xbox 360. Winner gets massive amount of online forum glory and bragging rights. And can by choice make himself a photoshop of him holding a World Cup trophy, like Nixon did last time.




Quarter Finals:


Nixon - dan b 3-1 | 2-2 | 5-3 aggregate


wrightstuff83 - Leeds Mag 3-0def | 3-0def | 6-0 aggregate by default


Joe Dynamite - Quagmire 2-0 | 1-1 | 3-1 aggregate


NEEJ_Hunter - CocoBananas 0-1 | 0-1 | 0-2 aggregate


Semi Finals:


Nixon - Joe Dynamite 4-0 | 2-3 | 6-3 aggregate


wrightstuff83 - CocoBananas 0-3 | 1-2 | 1-5 aggregate




Nixon - CocoBananas 2-1






  • Each team in the groups will play eachother twice, preferably in one session. If you choose to just rematch, or change home and away is up to yourselves.

  • Post the results on here after so they can be added to the group.

  • Victory is three points, draws one point and losses fuck all.

  • Top two teams in each group after all matches have been played will advance to the knock-out stage.

  • If someone does not turn up for a game after an unreasonable amount of time without a proper explanation, three points will be awarded to your opponent.

  • If two teams end on the same point score, better goal difference will qualify you.

  • A draw at FT = Quit and one point each.




For gamertags, see below.




N-O Name - Gamertag


Joey - Valium Skies

Nixon - Heneage

wrightstuff83 - rob lees knee

jimburst - Bumballs


Joe Dynamite - Seph5632

clintdempsey - PoofyHornet

NEEJ_Hunter - NEEJHunter

Pilko - Joshig


khay -

Kaizero - Kanzaki Kaizero

dan b - Burnip

Generic Dullard - oSpinSo


Quagmire -

FabregAsh - Ashootley

CocoBananas - Commander Coco

SpunkyCFH27 - SpunkyCFH27







Group A:


4-1-0   17-1   13



2-1-3   11-7   7



2-0-3   6-13   6



2-0-4   4-14   6


Group B:

Joe Dynamite

3-3-0   8-3   12



1-2-1   5-3   5



0-4-2   3-7   4



0-3-1   3-4   3


Group C:


3-3-0   10-2   12


dan b

1-5-0   7-4   8



2-2-2   8-6   8



0-2-4    4-15   2


Group D:


3-1-0   10-3   10



2-1-1   7-4   7


Spunky CFH27

0-0-4   2-12   0






QF, SF and Final information below.


Quarter Finals and Semi Finals are two-legged, best aggregate go through.


If the aggregate is a draw, most goals scored go through. - Meaning if the aggregate is 4-4 and the matches ended 4-2 and 0-2, the one scoring 4 go through.


If both have scored the same amount of goals in both matches, with no high winner. A third match will be needed, where the winner goes through. Hopefully this will not be a scenario though.


Quarter Finals:


1: A1 - C2

2: A2 - C1

3: B1 - D2

4: B2 - D1




A: 1 - 3

B: 2 - 4




A - B


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Which format is preferred btw? I was thinking groups of 4 (with 8 and above) where you play eachother once (or twice) before knock-out stages playing eachother twice, and once in the final?

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Guest Stephen927

Nixon cheats.  :shifty:


I can confirm this.


I'm never going to let it go, I was through on goal in the last moments of the game and he hacks.  :jesuswept:

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Guest Heneage

Nixon cheats.  :shifty:


I can confirm this.


I'm never going to let it go, I was through on goal in the last moments of the game and he hacks.  :jesuswept:

It was the Italian in me, Machiavellian almost, the ends justify the means.

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