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Itinerary for tonight- My main night out is Sunday night (proper birthday shindig), so this is just a teaser for then.



8pm- Start drinking jaegerbombs, eat KP dry roasted.

8:30pm - Move from Jaeger to Brown Ale.

10:00pm - Still drinking Brown Ale.

10:30pm - Tynemouths quiet on a Thursday, so Whitley Bay it is.

11:00pm - Protest that I'm not looking at some radgies horror of a lass, avoid a stabbing.

11:30pm - Declare my love for everyone in Whitley Bay, pledging we WILL WIN THE LEAUGE (hey, it's possible!)

12:00am - Get chucked out of the Firestation, because I'm chanting Shearer at the top of my lungs, and imitating his volley against Everton with a bottle.


12:05 am- Start walking home from Whitley with a poisened Kebab.

12:45 am - Get home and search with no luck for the 'Who's drunk thread?' ( I'm sure that hides when I'm drunk)

01:00am - Attempt to have a wank, but realise I'm too fucked to finish, so fall asleep, half cocked, listening to some obscure Finish music on spotify playlist.

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