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F.A.O anyone with good knowledge of Norse Mythology


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Just look in Wikipedia FFS - there are pages on that stuff


I wouldn't ask here if I'd not already looked through Wikipedia, would I? There's nowt what I was interested in there, just brief mentions of it.

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Ask Nick Griffin, he likes the Norse people, apparently they're British.


Geography isn't his strong point, although that's not saying much as I'm not sure what is. Looking in two different directions at the same time, perhaps?

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There is a prophecy that Baldur "the beautiful" will die. He is loved above all of the gods... so the gods go about asking all of the plants, animals, rocks and springs of the different worlds to swear that they will not harm or kill Baldur.


Loki hears of this and is raging with jealousy and also likes to show everyone up. He finds out the gods didn't ask Mistletoe (yes the plant). So he makes an arrow out of misteltoe and puts his plan into motion.


The gods gather for a party and Loki starts getting them all to "try" to kill Baldur... and they can't. Metal won't pierce his flesh, dogs won't bite, rocks shatter, etc.


Then for the big grand finale of this "fun" (remember these are vikings who have a different sense of fun). Loki gets Hodur "the Blind" (another god and Baldur's brother incidentally) to try to shoot him with an arrow - the gods laugh loud at this (he's blind - ho ho), but Loki helps him aim and arms him with the arrow made of mistletoe and sure enough Baldur is killed.


The gods cry and Loki laughs and laughs... evil f*ck.


Ragnarok is the end of the world. Basically the gods (and giants and elves) kill eachother the sun goes out and teh world serpent swallows us whole.


Next question.

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