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N-O Fifa 09 League (PS3)

relámpago blanco

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Following on from the FIFA 09 Cup ho about a league?  People arrange between themselves when matches will happen, they will decide a date and the match has to be played on that or the following 3 days, if not the person who could not play will automatically lose 3-0.  We will play twice and hopefully get it finished in a month or 2.  Everyone will play twice


Like before name, PSN and team, which must be at most 4.5 stars.


We should probbly have 10 teams, Stephen927, where are you.......................................................


So Far;



1. The Gambling gorilla, Aston Villa, PSN - Hiphopapottamus


2. geordie jamie, liverpool . psn - toon_army_86


3. LiquidAK, Atletico Madrid, PSN - LiquidAK


4. Jonny Hall, Man City, PSN - jonnyhall200


5. Kaizero ,Valencia - PSN - Kanzaki Kaizero


6. Ocho, Spurs, PSN - kipper7


7. robbo_11, Villareal, PSN - CnufcR


8. Stephen927, Roma, PSN - stephen927


9. M4TT, Bordeaux, PSN - GreatNumberFour


10. Taff, Sevilla, PSN - shearer_206


11. tc, West Ham, - PSN - t8chw


12. queensburygeordie, Marseille, PSN - nick789uk


League Table, many thank to Ocho.


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Jamie, you can't be stealing my team like that, haha! I will go Sevilla if they are not 5*


shearer_206 - Sevilla

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soz m8 lol should have gone for valencia tho


Na they ain't that good mate, proper slugs at the back. I used them a few times and although Silva & Villa are quality their defence (including Albiol) is pretty rank!


I've never been Sevilla, but some guy thrashed me 5-0 online with them before, so they can't be bad and I'm guessing they're not 5*

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i dont think they are 5 more than likely 4.5 *


Good stuff, looking forward to unleashing Fabiano then.

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Guest Taff

Cool, I need to redeem myself big time after the results in the Tournament. Not sure what team I'm going to be though.


Probably should close this now after QBG. I think 12 is enough. What do you lot think, we could probably get on with it then?

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