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So, Where Were You When You Heard Jacko Had Died?

Crumpy Gunt

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On a bus coming back from the S. Empire, went to see We Will Rock You.


All desperately trying to find the puns and jokes from his songs before we got back :lol:

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Saw on twitter

Ran to N-O

Rejoiced that no-one else had made the same thread

Twatted something down asap and got it posted

Rejoiced that no-one else had posted the same thread in the time it had taken me to write my thread

Tidied up thread

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Guest diddimz

Doing a pub quiz.

Was it one of the questions? Is Michael Jackson alive?


I heard it here, was actually kinda strange, as I was listening to He'll never be an ol' man river by tism, one of the lines 'I need another celeb to fill a coffin Where will I get my next drug action, odds on it'll be Michael Jackson'.

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