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First cousin once removed.


I'm more inclined to believe you than Pilko.


Is it against the rules or simply frowned upon?


Just saw your edit. Superb.




I mean, that's speaking theoretically.

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But if you can understand that, you're a better man than I.


I think we're K and L. I think.


Yeah its the L above the N I assume. I think line one is your great grand parents, line 2 your grand parents, line 3 your parents and line 4 you.

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My grandad's brother's grandson?


Any idea?


Same question, you nit. Second cousin.


First cousin once removed. Shaggable.




Aye, sorry, I misread your OP first time round. You're both second cousins. It's easy like this: you share the same grandfather, you're cousins; you share the same great-grandfather, you're second cousins, etc.

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