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Need your vote!


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After working on a script with my co-writers for two years we finally completed it this year, submitted it to a local (North America-wide) screenplay competition and we were one of the three winners. We had the first act of our script read on stage (as did the other two winning scripts) and we need votes to have the script read in its entirety in the competition's August screenplay festival. This will get us more exposure and it'll simply be a treat to watch the whole thing unfold in front of our eyes, not to mention give us even more constructive feedback.




The script's called Knuckleball, and hope you enjoy it! And do check out the other two scripts as well, as long as you don't vote for them. :razz:


Thanks lads and lasses. And do lemme know what you think.


Cheers to those who've already voted.

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We won!


Thanks for all who voted, your support is truly appreciated!


The staging is on Aug 28th, I'll post up the link of the filmed version for the web in case anyone wishes to watch and give feedback.


Thanks again.

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