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The Sponsorship Thread


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Hey guys, I know a fair few on here participate in running events and I also know that there's a fair few on here that are  always willing to donate to worthy causes.. if like me you're running the Great North Run, or any other event for that matter, for charity then feel free to post in this thread to try and drum up a few more pennies for your cause!


I'm running for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity this year so I'll be on the Daffodil Team and running in a fruity yellow running top kindly provided by Nike. I'm only aiming to raise a modest £300 since this is my first real attempt at raising money for a cause but the reaction from people to help has been amazing and I've currently raised £70 of this through just a few weeks of making people aware of what I'm doing.


I have a website where you can sponsor me for as much or as little as you want, with the money going directly to the charity. Also if you're a UK tax payer, the charity receives an automatic 23p for every pound that you donate, without it costing you a penny!


The link is http://www.justgiving.com/cheekyb


Thanks in advance!

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try making friends with people in chatrooms, worked quite well for me a few years ago...


also, you're probably not going to get much success on here due to the fact most people will either be doing the run or be inundated by friends, family & colleagues for exactly the same event. the downside of being on a newcastle-orientated for a newcastle-based fundraising event..!


Good luck mate, I'll see you at the end!

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Guest Geordiesned

Hi all


I'm running the Great North Run again this year and raising money for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. I actually decided I was going to raise money for the Foundation about a month ago but didn't get round to doing anything about it until I watched The Sir Bobby Robson Trophy match at St James' Park on Sunday 26th July. Following the day we all knew would come but hoped not so soon on 31st July I have stepped up my efforts to raise as much money as I can.


So if you can spare any money at all then please sponsor me by clicking on the justgiving link below.


Thank you





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