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BBC 3 Bullsh!t detectors exposes three mediums


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Guest lankybellwipe

"I'm getting the word.... nonce."



:mackems:  Magic stuff!


If insecure reason seekers find this shit helpful, then carry on fools!


(though I must say I watched 'Crossing Over with Micheal Schumacher' on Living, and wondered how they convincingly pretend to talk to the dead)

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Of course it is bogus; if it were real, Russell grant would have known how much of a wanker he really is.


As Madras says, Randi has exposed these cheating charlatans over the years and they have no comeback whatsoever.  America's Sylvia brown might possibly be the worst of them all but of course they all have a way to goo to beat John edwards "Biggest douchebag in the Universe" title.

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