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ghostbusters? im shite at choosing games


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alreet lads,


im unbelievably shite at picking games, or at least non sporting games, im also incredibly impatient with them.


drakes fortune - bought it, lost patience.

call of duty - as above.

assassins creed - same.


i sack them off after about an hour because i cant be arsed getting used to the controls.



so...on this basis, would anyone recommend ghostbusters? or should i just not bother, i fancied playing it for old times sake, and its apparenlty the original charcters voices etc, so fancied giving it a go.



or, should i stick to what i know and go for fight night?


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fight night has more longevity to it.

you could rent ghostbusters and if you enjoy it, crack away at it and no doubt be finished in a weekend. its a really short game.

the controls are fairly easy to pick up and there is a tutorial bit but if you got bored with assasins creed, cod and drakes fortune you may find yourself in the same boat with ghostbusters.


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Games these days are short n s***.


Under pressure to s*** them out for consoles with MEGA graphics in HD but with crap comebackability.


Its all s***, its going to get worse.




not all games are that bad. Killzone 2 has a fairly lengthy story and gameplay. little big planet and GTA4 also very lengthy games.

but there have been some pisspoor, short games lately. CoD world at war springs to mind.

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