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2008 U.S. elections.


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Looks like it's going to be between Hilary Clinton and.......

























Condi Rice. bluebigeek.gif bluebigeek.gif bluebigeek.gif




Hilary leads her 47% to 40% in a approval rating polls atm.



Condi would be a nightmare if she won.

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Dead right Ally


Look back at previous elections - the "obvious" candidates a couple of years ahead of the election very rarely make it - principally because they are in the meeja spotlight for too long -


Mrs C is unbelievably hated by a lot of americans - they'd be mad to choose her


Ms R - well ........ can you see the Democrat ads in 2 years??? Her with Dubbya, her with Dubbya, her with.........


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I can't see condi running for President


Vice President definately but Pres - I can't see it


I would expect a McCain/Condi vs hilary/Obama contest.


And if Condi is not up to that then Jeb Bush would definately be willing.


Remember Jebs high profile visit to the Tsunami victims?


Its all done for a reason

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Just wait for a convenient upping of furore in the "war on terrorism" and the eventual enactment of emergency powers to Bush before the 2008 elections, world domination is one step closer.


OKay, maybe that won't happen, but if the republicans win again Americans really are retarded. Or at least more than 50%...

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