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Blueyonder and routers


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Right then lads I am sure some of you must have had or got this problem, I have telewest blueyonder 4 meg connection and am running a linsky router. I keep losing connection and its doing me fkn nutt in.

If I run mirc I get connected but for about 5-10 mins samer with MSN messenger. Its like its just dropping out connection then refreshes it back.


I am connected from this pc to the router with lan cable not USB and our laptop connects wirelss.

I have looked on blueyonder selfcare to see if I have to add the mac adress of my NIC but I cannot se where to do that its just for e-mail and pwp settings.


I have done port forwarding in the router for msn,irc and bitcomet but its still the same. I do not want to have to run my pc as the DMZ to enable all ports.

Its more annoying for mirc when a game is on and I keep fkn dropping out of the chat.

So anyone pleae got any ideas ????

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[10053] Software caused connection abort


thats the message I get in mirc when i lose connection, but mine has done this since before the upgrade, its only when I got the router. So it has to be between the router and modem, if I unhook the router all seems fine..

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