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I'm moving to a new apartment next week.  Previously when in Heaton, we had cable, but when we got evicted we paid up the contract, so I'm no longer a customer.


The new place isn't fitted with cable, so going to have to go back to using broadband down a phone line.


I'm a bit clueless when it comes to broadband in general, and even more when finding an unbundled ISP.  From my reading, I gather if I find an ISP who have put their own connector or whatever into the Newcastle exchange, then I won't have to pay line rental as I won't need a BT phone line?


I've had no luck so far.  I was just wondering if anyone knew of an ISP who have unbundled their services in the Newcastle area, or the cheapest company with no usage limits, so that the cost of internet + line rental is still relatively cheap?


Thanks in advance! :)

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You'll still need a phone line if you go LLU.

OK.  Thanks.  I'm not clued up on all this, and it made out that I wouldn't have to pay line rental with some ISP's, even though I'd b using the phone line.


Think I'm just gonna go with o2, they get a bonny writeup, and as I'm a paying contract customer, I get 8mb (was told I can't get any faster than that) for about £7.50 a month with the line rental on top.  :thup:

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cheers.  The top result in my area is o2 standard broadband, which is the one I was looking at. 


I'm going to be moving into an NE1 postcode area, and some other website (forgot which one) listed the exchange as being just a few hundred yards down the road.


EDIT: Might've been that same site.  It has the exchange as being on the Central Motorway.  I'm living on Melbourne St, just down from Swan House roundabout, so I'm very close to the exchange!

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