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Truck Murder and Hanging

Guest n4e

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THE duped mum whose sex beast boyfriend murdered her nine-year-old girl in his lorry told of her agony.


Shattered Roxanne Lawrence said the silver-tongued romeo hid his sick lust for children after shacking up with her 18 months ago.


Pouring out her grief 48 hours after monster Darren Walker was found hanged from a tree - with little Stacey strangled nearby in his Spar lorry - she said: "My life is ruined. I'm trying to be angry with him. But I'm finding it really difficult - because I loved him."


Det Chief Inspector Tricia Kirk said as forensic tests yesterday appeared to confirm Stacey was sexually abused: "It would look as though she was asleep in the bunk part of the lorry and something has then taken place where she has then been strangled. There's no sign of any fighting going on in there. She was strangled with a ligature, a black fabric which is the same fabric as Walker used to hang himself. It's some sort of strapping.


Obviously it's been a terible incident but reading the story before the mothers quote seem to stick out. I can't comprehend how it would be hard to feel anger for someone who sexually abused and murdered your nine year old daughter. I can't imagine there being anything worse than loosing a child, nevermind the fact that that you know she has obviously suffered and been abused by someone you brought into there life. Just can't understand it.

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Guest toonlass

Might jog some people's memories of seeing them and help the police put together a picture of what happened before he killed the bairn I suppose.

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