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Fifa 10 - Goal of the demo - Voting open for 4 days!


What's your goal of the demo?  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your goal of the demo?

    • Quag
    • Eldiablo
    • Mugatu
    • Lenny
    • Besty
    • mofo
    • Fugazi
    • O'neill
    • Shido
    • NEEJ
    • Joe Dynamite
    • Stephen927
    • Decky
    • Coco
    • Towelie
    • PCW1983
    • Yorkie's Mate

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Howay then post you best goal up.


If you want to change your goal before the 1st of October quote your old post and change the EA sports world link to your new choice of goal and i'll update the OP.


I'll set a poll on the 1st to voting to start for the best goal.


No prize but it'll make the demo a bit more interesting until the proper game comes out :)


Quag - http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/9328524

Eldiablo - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9294677

Mugatu - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9192072

Lenny - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9151416

Besty - http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/9161323

mofo - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9273226

Fugazi - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9199242

O'neill - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9313962

Shido - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9302025

NEEJ - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9229788

Joe Dynamite - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9238115

Stephen927 - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9264279

Decky - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9311303

Coco - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9515071

Towelie - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9536761

PCW1983 - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9395250

Yorkie's Mate - http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/9619368


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Downloading the PC demo now, lets see if the PC version is crap like usually.


I think I read a while ago that they are still not going over to next gen graphics etc as most PC users don't have a decent enough spec to run it.

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Probably go for Quag's so far. Would've gone for Lenny's but he's clearly playing on easy. :lol:


:lol: I resent that, you can see what level I'm playing on when you watch the video.


How d'ya like them apples! O0


Edit: Admitedly Quag and Mugatu appear to be playing it on World Class....

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