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External Hard drives for PC


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Hello Folks,


Not strictly games but, maybe someone on here can help me.......


Firstly - please don't baffle me with any responses to this question, I am no expert in computers.


I bought a Maxtor 500gB external hard drive around a year ago and put all of my photos,music, video and quite a few important work related files on it for safe keeping, as well as to keep personal stuff off my work lap top.


All has been well until recently, now when I click on the icon for the hard drive it opens up displaying all the folders that are stored on it but, within 5 seconds there is a message on my screen telling me that the Windows Explorer has stopped working and then a second message comes on saying the explorer is restarting. During this time if I am quick I can open the file I want to view or play and it works fine, while the explorer shuts the external drive down.


I am trying toi transfer everything back onto my computer but, it is taking forever as I can only do one file at a time and the drive keeps on shutting down in between.


Do you think that there is a fault with the hard drive or is it a software issue on the lap top?


Or is it just something that will never be explained?

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Is it only on that hard drive it happens?

I've got the same problem, but it affects all of my hard drives, internal as well as external, but only in folders where I've got a lot of .mkv files for some really strange reason. Are you using Vista?

I'm hoping that it will go away for me when I install Windows 7 as well as change motherboard and CPU this week. If it doesn't, I'll start looking into it properly.

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It started on the folder that I keep all of my video camera stuff, really worried that I will lose it as it is stuff with my kids as babies etc, I only found the problem because I finally got round to starting to transfer it all to DVD.


But, now it just closes down without me having to select any folders.


I have a brand new lap top with Vista as the operating system.


Oh and yes it is only when I access the external drive that I have a problem.

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Try this.


Click start.


Type 'windows explorer' into the search box


Click organise at the top


Choose folder and search options from the menu


Under the view tab; 'files and folders' check the box next to always show icons never thumbnails.


click apply then ok.




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It's something that still happens even with xp.


Windows has trouble generating thumbnails for multiple types of media files, i won't bore you with details.


glad you got it sorted  O0

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