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Happy Birthday Bluf


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Well, thank you guys. 


I've had a surprisingly good day thus far.  I've been to work, got disciplined whilst it's my holiday (oh, and my birthday) but in the end it that was quite fun.  The manager and the other manager taking notes seemed more nervous than me, as I knew it was just a slap on the wrist.  Dumped Kiefer with Granny Smith.  Went to some Italian café in Partick and had the rarest steak I've possibly ever had.  Power walked all the way home as I was about to piss myself, snatched Kiefer, missed the bus and got pissed on.


I'm now about to tidy the room, invite some people up and get as stoned as I possibly can within the space of an hour. :toke:


Oh, had my 'night' out on Friday.  Went to a pub of my choice, and the prick ID'd me.  Not only did he ID me, he then didn't accept my old Student ID card. 


"Think 25" - What a load of fucking shite.  Exactly what is that supposed to achieve? :dave:

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