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Why does it want to re-scan btw on the 30th? All i ever get on every channel is "re-scan your box on the 30th".


Freeview Autumn Re-tune (Date to be confirmed)


Details are emerging of a UK wide Autumn 2009 re-tune event led by Freeview and the public service broadcasters. As it is not a switchover, this event does not involve a move to 8K based high power transmissions.


Every UK home with a Freeview TV or box (including BT Vision and Top Up TV recorders) will need to re-tune to continue to receive Channel Five and other services that will move from their current multiplex location to another.


The re-tune will also pave the way for Five to become as widely available as the other terrestrial channels at digital television switchover. Freeview homes that have already completed switchover will need to re-tune.


At the same time, services will vacate the BBC-B mux to help prepare for the future launch of Freeview HD. The date is still to be confirmed.



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