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Sonos, impedance, ohms, speakers and much, much more...


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I shall paste in what i wrote on another forum, lets see if the geordie populus are better than the speaker nerd populus...


Sorry about this, but I thought I'd use the knowledge base on here to make sure I don't blow anything up in my house.


Here's the situation:


Currently I have a Sonos ZP120 in my loft, it feeds two in-ceiling speakers. The speakers being fed are a pair of BluCube In-Ceiling 8.0" Speakers. They are defined as 4/8ohm switchable.


I am now looking to put an additional Stereo speaker in my bathroom. I know I'll have to buy a switch and the speaker to achieve this. I think I will get a BluCube In-ceiling 6.5" single-stereo speaker which is defined as 8ohm per channel.


To switch them I think I will get a Qed WM15 Two-way speaker switch. This is a parallel switch. The switch spec says "Using 8 ohm speakers the minimum load presented to the amplifier will be 4 ohms".


If my understanding is correct, the sonos box should be able to deal with this setup, as long as I make sure that my current 2 speakers are set as 8ohm and not 4ohm? Is there anything to be set on my sonos box? Is there ANYTHING else that people have experienced that I should know about?


Thanks for all your help in advance.



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I'm not an audio buff but i would assume that if the speakers are switched then there wouldn't be any problem. All you're doing is replacing a speaker with another one. Obviously you'd have to wire the switch between the amp and the speakers.



Are you asking would the impedance change if you run a stereo pair into a single speaker via the switch. No the resistance would only change if you were running it in series. 8 ohms would be fine.


I would take other advice though, it's been a while since i've had to use theory.







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I'm not sure how the switch would work going from 2 to 1 speaker. I would imagine you have 4 cores in and 4 cores out. i would imagine the bathroom speaker would just have 2 terminals, how would you achieve stereo without compromising the other speakers.


I'm probably spouting shit but y'know i like projects as well :)

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Cheers Lazlo.




is the thread I've been referring to.


I should've defined that while there would be a switch between the speakers, there should also be the option to play on both speakers if need be.


However many rajis think I'd be better off just wiring all the speakers in with banana plugs and then installing volume switches in the 2 rooms that the speakers are in. Although, come to think of it, I only really need the volume switch in 1 room I guess.


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