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RIP Blanche

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Coronation Street star Maggie Jones, best known for playing Blanche Hunt, is "seriously ill" after major surgery.


It is not clear what sort of operation she has undergone, but a spokeswoman told BBC 5 Live Radio the 75-year-old has been written out for a while.


She did not give anymore details about the actress' condition, but did confirm that despite recent newspaper reports Jones has not ruptured her spleen.


"Everyone's wishing her a speedy recovery," the spokeswoman said.


"She's had an operation and obviously she's in her 70s. Our thoughts are with her.


"She's been written out of storylines for the time being, everyone's wishing her a speedy recovery."


Jones's character, Blanche, is best known for her cutting putdowns and frank comments.


'My beautiful Maggie'


She has appeared in the ITV soap as Deirdre's mother regularly since the late 1990s.


Her fellow actor Bill Tarmey, who plays pensioner Jack Duckworth, said his thoughts were with the actress.


"My beautiful Maggie," he said. "She is a delight, she is wonderful and I am just hoping she will be OK.


"We just sit and laugh together and I need her to get better otherwise I will be sitting on my own."




LBW and I are good friends with Blanche's daughter aren't we Stu?  So I'm sure he'll join me in wishing her a speedy recovery.

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Guest lankybellwipe




Ohhhhhhhhh, OH CHRIST!


If radio 5 had the common decency to tell us what ward she was on, in what hospital, I would be on the way down to offer a bedside vigil!


Godspeed Blanche to a healthy recovery! I hardly piss myself at soaps, but you are a good reason  :smitten:

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Coronation Street star Maggie Jones dies aged 75 

Coronation Street actress Maggie Jones, who played Blanche Hunt in the soap, has died in hospital at the age of 75.


The actress, who is best known for her harsh put-downs and sharp tongue, first appeared in the show 35 years ago.


In October, Jones was admitted to hospital for major surgery, but a spokesperson for the show had said her condition was improving.


Scriptwriters wrote her out of the show while she recovered. Jones won several soap awards for playing Blanche.


She only became a regular cast member in 1999 after numerous occasional appearances.


Since undergoing surgery, she had not returned to work.


However, because the show is filmed six weeks in advance Jones she was still seen on screen until recently.


Her character Blanche was seen getting drunk at a family gathering and upsetting everyone by revealing some cruel home truths.







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Guest lankybellwipe

Absolutely gutted man!! Sleep well darling........... Say hello to Baldwin for me, the bastard!  Ken will be with you soon.............. He HAS to be :weep:

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Her one liners and sarcasm was top drawer.


Ken (from the kitchen): "Well Dierdre, that's the carte blanche!"


Blanche (from dining room): "Are you calling me? Mines a cheese and onion, if you're asking!"

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