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Ah bollocks!!!

Basically I bought a jacket out of Tucci somewhere around Easter time. I've got a habit of buying clothes and then not wearing them for ages. I've got at least half a dozen pairs of jeans, a dozen football shirts, t-shirts, jumpers, track-tops and even jackets all with tags on hanging up.

Anyway if I buy anything that I intend to wear when djing, especially tops & jackets, I always check to make sure that they are 40 degree machine washable as wearing them once when working usually means they need washed the day after.


I'm very careful with receipts and keep them in my wallet usually until the warranty is up, or if I've worn something a few times and can no longer return it etc.

The last time I passed Tucci it appeared to have closed down, and a month or so ago whilst looking through my reciepts I came across the one for the jacket and binned it.


The jacket has now been worn 3 times and washed 3 times and the brand logo on the chest and the sleeve has started to peel off.


I rang the company in question and was told that I had to send an email to the address on the website which I did.

It was a really polite email explaining what I'd bought, what had happened and I added jpegs of the logo on the sleeve and the logo on the chest which has almost completely came off.

They replied the same day with an email saying that mine had been forwarded to the correct department and I would hear something back asap.

2 weeks passed and nothing so I emailed them again this time saying I was disgusted that a reputable company, one which I have over 20 items of there clothing, didn't have the time to reply to a customers complaint.

I had a reply within a day, which to be honest was quite snotty and abrupt, saying that it was not there problem and I had to take it back to the shop which I bought it from.

I replied saying if ther store in question was still open then I would have done that instead of having my time wasted by them.

Again 2 weeks pass and I hear nothing from them so I sent another email yesterday.

This morning I get one back saying that they'd not replied because as far as they were concerned the matter was closed but as a gesture of goodwill they would send a replacement jacket if I mailed them my address and size, which I've done.

I've now recieved another email asking where I bought the item from, so I did a quick check to make sure that the store hadn't moved anywhere else and I ended up looking like a tit, & I've noticed that there is one in the Metro Centre ffs.

I know if I reply and say Tucci that they will look it up, find that store and then tell me to take it back there.


Any suggestions lol ?


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