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I thought it would be a canny idea to have a thread for news stories that aren't worth starting a thread about, basically a rip-off of the 'Not worthy of a thread' thread in the football section.  I keep seeing daft stories that I wouldn't mind ranting about but don't want to bother starting a thread.  Yeah, you get it.






Man jailed for letting girl smoke


A man has been jailed for 18 months for allowing a three-year-old child to smoke.


Newcastle Crown Court heard that the girl asked Graeme Conroy, 31, for a cigarette and when she started smoking it was filmed on a mobile phone.


The court heard that the child had smoked three cigarettes before the filming took place.


Conroy, from Ashington, Northumberland, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering or injury to health.


Last month magistrates in Gateshead remanded Conroy, of Blyth Terrace, into custody and committed his case to the crown court after deciding their powers of sentence were insufficient.


During that hearing, they heard that he had handed the lit cigarette to the child and encouraged her to inhale it.


Conroy then persuaded another child, aged 14, to film it on a mobile phone for fun, the court heard.


But it was this that proved to be his undoing when the footage, which was recorded on 24 February, was discovered and he was reported to the police.


In the footage Conroy can be heard laughing and at one point someone is heard saying: "She'll smoke it all herself."


A reference is also made to cannabis - sparking fears the cigarette could have contained the drug. However, tests carried out on the girl's hair by police proved negative, Newcastle Crown Court heard.


'Irresponsible behaviour'


Prosecutor Tony Glover said: "The essence of the offence is that he encouraged this child to smoke.


"He admitted giving a child a cigarette. He said he knew it was wrong and knew he shouldn't have done it."


Jane Foley, defending, said: "His behaviour was irresponsible and he clearly didn't give sufficient thought to what he was doing, believing it to be a bit of a joke.


"To anyone hearing the circumstances of the offence they would be appalled to hear that a three-year-old girl was permitted to smoke this cigarette."


Sentencing Conroy, Judge David Wood said: "You evidently thought it would be funny if she was allowed to smoke cigarettes and you could take a video of what was going on.


"This sort of conduct could be very damaging to a child's health and could have all sorts of effects upon her future health. You



My heart always sinks when I realise this sort of story's about someone in Newcastle.

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Look, I'm a Cocker too ... Jarvis and 'Mini-Me' son wear matching glasses to premiere









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  • 4 weeks later...

EuroMillions lottery: worker 'misses out on millions after dropping out of consortium'



Seven Hewlett Packard IT workers in Liverpool shared half of the £91 million in the weekend Euromillions draw. But an eighth member of the office syndicate missed out on the bonanza after recently dropping out to save money, The Sun reported.




Speculation swept the country yesterday about the holders of the two lucky tickets, leading to a string of mistakes and people who thought they had won. One included a man in North Shields, Tyne and Wear, who had the winning numbers but for a different draw.


:facepalm: :facepalm:

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British people among world's ugliest, according to BeautifulPeople.com


Britons are among the ugliest people in the world, according to a website that only allows 'beautiful' people to join.


Fewer than one in eight British men (12 per cent) and just three in 20 women (15 per cent) who have applied to BeautifulPeople.com have been accepted as members.


Existing members of the website rate how attractive potential members are over a 48 hour provisional period, when applicants upload a recent photograph and a short personal profile.


They are rated by members of the opposite sex, who have four options to describe how attractive they think the hopeful is - 'Yes definitely', 'Hmmm yes, OK', 'Hmmm no, not really' and 'NO definitely NOT'.


Swedish men have proved the most successful applicants, with two-thirds (65 per cent) of those putting themselves forward being accepted.


Norwegian women are considered the most beautiful with more than three-quarters (76 per cent) making the grade.


Since the website was opened to UK members 295,000 people have applied, with only 35,000 being approved.


The website was founded in 2002 in Denmark and since then it has spread to other countries - becoming available in the UK in April 2005.


The 'elite dating site for beautiful people only', went live across the globe on 26 October this year. Over the past two weeks, the site has rejected nearly 1.8 million people from 190 countries.


From the total number of hopefuls, only 360,000 new members have been admitted - meaning five-out of-six applicants (83 per cent) have been turned away.


Sweden, Brazil and Norway are proving to be the most beautiful countries overall, with applicants from Germany and the UK among the least successful.


Beautiful People managing director Greg Hodge said: "Asking why British people are doing so badly is a tough question.


"It hurts me - I'm English.


"I think there is less emphasis on appearance in the UK than overseas.


"If you go to some countries they are very into how they look - very health and body conscious.


"The UK attitude is a bit more about kicking back and relaxing, and having a few drinks in the pub after work."


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think i might apply, just for a laugh. might damage the self-esteem like....


Aye I'm gunna do it, now to find a half decent picture.....


I think I got accepted :lol:


Its asking me to do stuff to my profile, anyone reckon they wait a few days to accept or am i officially beautiful  :facepalm:

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:kasper: Whaaaa????!?


Spanish region to teach masturbation

Friday, November 13 2009, 13:50 GMT

By Mayer Nissim, Entertainment Reporter


A region in Spain has launched a new sex education programme which includes advice on "self-pleasure".


The €14,000 (£12,500) campaign includes leaflets and flyers on self-respect and contraception alongside workshops featuring instruction on masturbation techniques, The Guardian reports.


The socialist government of the Extremadura region said that it hopes to help teenagers with "sexual self-exploration and the discovery of self-pleasure".


Youth council president Laura Garrido said: "The campaign is simple, clear, natural and easily understood by the people it is aimed at, who are aged between 14 and 17."


However, Hernández Carrón of the opposition People's party said: "This is an intimate subject that should be dealt with at home. We have become the laughing stock of Spain."


La Vanguardia columnist Pilar Rahola added: "Extremadura should be pleased with itself. It may have the most unemployed young people in Spain, but they will be the best at masturbation."

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