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I'm looking at buying a house which is a bit run down, and want to have some idea of what it will look like if its smartened up a bit on the outside. I wondered if anyone had a bit of spare time this afternoon and fancied playing about with a photo on Photoshop, I would do it but i'm rubbish and it will end up looking like a horse or something.




Basically want to know what it would look like if repainted the white part properly and removed the ivy to the right, restored the windows and porch so the wood was white not green, and also changed the upper right window so it was a white sash window, not the PVC one.


Any help appreciated, cheers


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I gave up trying to replace the colour and jsut quickly went over it, with a paint brush.... This is shit, but better than nowt i guess.




I'm embarased to put this up its that shit, oh well. :dowie:

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