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Has anyone ever had a net stalker?


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There's a Tottenham fan on the net.  He has many many various ID's and the sad cunt is stalking me hehehe.  You couldn't make it up, but he can recite many of my various posts on here and various other message boards, he has pics of me, and even has a few of my email address.


Judging by the standard of his posts, he's a lonely old man, who thinks Tottenham are a big club, and doesn't like me telling the truth about them, or he's a young teenage yid who thinks he is part of some mob.  Either what a wank.  He's everywhere I post on the net.


Maybe I should be flattered that someone feels I'm interesting enough to follow around, or maybe I should be worried in case he's a potential Fred West.  :confused:


Who knows.  Has anyone else had these sort of problems?


Have a look at this..........



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