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Most important discovery of your life


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When watching the first episode of Spaced.


Tim goes to get some s*** from Sarah's (ex-girlfriend) house and mentions he's moving in with daisy.


She's pissed off and asks if he's in love Daisy. He replies "ofcourse not, I love you", only for her to shut the door in his face.


Aye, that's the day I discovered you look embarrasing acting needy or pathetic in front of a lass, and that ex lasses just wanna know you still want it, nowt else.



Or discovering Brian Wilson was playing The Sage.

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That i have 12 toes. I'm now a z-list celeb and make lots of 'wonga' from photoshoots such as this one.



Was that taken during the filming of Lord of the Rings


I was making an unfunny joke. The fact that you know this picture of a mans fucked feet was taken for lord of the rings is face palm-tastic.

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One of the most important was when I discovered hip hop. I'd spent quite a lot of my youth thinking that I wasn't really into music, listening to my friends' indie CDs and thinking 'this isn't for me'. Then I finally found some music that really appealed to me.

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Guest Haris Vuckic

On the index page this thread reads as "Most important disco".


Great question.


That's what I read too. I'm most disappointed.


Anyway off to get some meth.

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