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How crime ridden is your area


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Newcastle city centre appears to be some kind of crime-infested barrio.


It's all the tramps leaving their 'average' areas for a night out and causing trouble on my patch instead. :no:


:lol: Those plebs should know their place.

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Guest lankybellwipe

Averagely ridden apparently. For which I am quite surprised, simply due to the fact I now live in the Whiteleas area of South Shields. That and LBW lives around the corner from me.


Wooaaahhh! Is Tooj suggesting I am some sort of community scumbag/chavman?  Let me state for the record, the only thing I've been put in a police car for, is going for a midnight walk with my mate when I was 12!!  NOT SCUM!!!


Btw, the only crime I've seen in this area is little deposits of scum zooming round the stweets on quad bikes and the likes............. mopeds and below (if below is posisble).......



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