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High Definition Camcorders

Guest hindu times

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Guest hindu times

I'm toying with the idea of buying a HD camcorder and wondered if any of you guys had any experience with them, and could reccommend a good camera that isn't insanely expensive.


The key for me is I need a good picture quality coupled with a good sound recording quality.


Any help would be awesome. Ta.

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I've got one of these...




It's lush, but I struggle with it.


I've had it for a year and i still can't take HD footage off it direct onto my PC and start editing (even though I have Vegas which should allow it).  If anyone can help with how to go about it (I think my PC is too shit) I'd love to hear from you.


In the meantime, all I can do is plug it into my screen with an HDMI cable and watch unedited videos (whioch do look stunning if i say so myself).


To edit, I record to my archos....but the quality is obviously much poorer (.avi). 


I'll try to upload some examples to youtube tonight if you like

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That's a big help thanks.


Out of curiosity, how many hours of footage can it record, and how good is it in low lighting or at night?



Up to 15 hours full HD.  You can lower the quality and up the time as you see fit.


Not great in low lighting.  Gets a bit fuzzy trying to film basic family scenes under normal 50w houselights and there's no ''low light' setting other than 'twilight' which is more of an outdoor one.


There is a night light though, so you can film most haunted style green images in absolute pitch black.


There's also a fireworks setting for well lit night scenes.  I've go some firework footage I'll hoy up which I think is canny.



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