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The maddest channel on Sky Digital – fact!!!!


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Watched this last night and was really freaked out...then i found


There has never been a more compelling reason to drop everything and go out and get yourself a satellite dish than the freshly-discovered existence of Supreme Master TV.


Available free of charge on Sky (channel 835), this clip suggests that it’s some kind of pseuso-religious network with a vague vegan agenda. Oh, and a newsreader who has none of the qualities normally associated with the job.


This clip comes from their Noteworthy News broadcast – it’s much like most other news programmes really, whst with its reams of subtitles, unbridled praise for Uganda, a joke in Indonesian and correspondence from UK viewer which is met with the glorious sentence, “May celestial light and love shine on you and your co-citizens of Great England.”


May celestial light and love shine on Robert Popper who put this clip up on his blog. Supreme Master TV has just been added to the favourites on our Sky Digital box. Now, we’re off to the video archive on their website for a look at “All Life Connected: Dutch Telepathic Animal Communicator Ronald van de Peppel (In Dutch)”…




They also have a live stream

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""The person behind Supreme Master TV and the parent group of Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association is.. yes, you guessed it Supreme Master Ching Hai. According to Wikipedia,


Supreme Master Ching Hai is “is the self titled founder and spiritual teacher of the Quan Yin Method.” In addition to founding and teaching this method to “sincere people longing to know the Truth”, Supreme Master Ching Hai stays busy by running Supreme Master TV, making art, designing high-end fashion, and running vegetarian restaurants.


Many of her writings, art, clothes, and various items are sold for top dollar to her devotees. It’s easy to say, money is not an insignificant part of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s life. In fact she is so wealthy that she tried to build an artificial island off Florida before she was shut down for environmental concerns. I hope you see the irony in that."


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