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Ebay/Paypal Returns


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I bought a mixer off Ebay last week from what appeared to be a private seller with decent feedback.

The item was listed as "excellent coniditon, in good working order".

It was paid for on Tuesday and was listed as "delivered via courier within 24hrs of payment".

It didn't arrive until Monday afternoon and when it did it had came from Cash Converters.

Now if I'd known it was coming from there I wouldn't have bought it. My local cash converters has the same mixer in but I don't really like dealing with such places and would rather pay the extra tenner plus p&p charges that I paid for this thinking that it was someones personal property.

When I opened the box the "excellent condition" was average to ok at best. Bumps, scratches, dirty, and a massive sticker on the front which was half scratched off.

I was that desperate for one since mine had died that I decided to just clean it up and keep it. However once it was all connected and I was trying it out I discovered that the effects unit didn't work properly and not only was it faulty when trying to use it, it was coming on on it's own, so it's of no use to me at all.

I went straight onto Ebay to file a dispute & for the 1st time, out of all the 100's of items I've bought over the years from there, I noticed that the seller accepted returns.

They have agreed to take it back & refund me but I have to send it to them, which is gonna cost me £15, and they will not refund P&P fees from the sale which was a tenner.

I do not see why I should be £25 out of pocket for something which isn't my fault.

Firstly if the seller had been listed as Cash Converters I'd have given it a swerve straight away, and if it had been listed correctly as "average condition with dints & scratches and faulty" then I certainly wouldn't have bought it.

I've just rang Paypal and they've told me that I'm only covered for the item and not p&p either way.


Could anyone give me any advice on how I could go about getting a full refund and not being out of pocket ?

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