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Any electricians??


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Hey all,


Random question....




I've just got a new electric power washer, it supposedly is very powerful and was previosuly used by contract cleaners.




Problem, when I turn it on all the power in my house goes and needs to be reset.




In simple terms I understand this, but what is the solution? An adaptor?




Help would be great as I don't want to get rid of it.




Thanks in advance






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Just a guess but if it's blowing your mains it's either knackered or sucking more current than your mains can cope with.


what's the spec on the washer ? volts, kw, amps,

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There could be an earth fault on the appliance as well, that could trip your mains off as well.


More likely though it is drawing too much current for the circuit that you have it plugged into, try the cooker socket in the kitchen that is probably the most robust one in the house.

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Oh I'm not arsed about plastic piping around the walls, it's not even my ken, it's rented. I'm just not putting up with having one fucking socket in my bedroom.


So to get someone to get under the floorboards, extend whatever wires need extending to where ever on the walls, and have a box installed on the wall (with wires external to the walls) costs £30??

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