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Do you pee in the pool or in the shower?


Do you pee in the pool, in the shower or in both?  

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  1. 1. Do you pee in the pool, in the shower or in both?

    • I pee in the shower.
    • I pee in the pool.
    • I pee in both the shower and the pool, bitch.
    • Are you sick? I don't pee anywhere but the toilet, god! Ewww!
    • I pee in the sink. (Lazlo)
    • I pee in both the shower, the pool and the sink.
    • I pee in the shower and the sink, but not the pool, because that's like.. gross.

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Shower, all the time.


Pool, only if there's rude Spanish twats or whatever in there. Once threw in a Mars Bar, cleared the pool. :lol:


I woke up at a mate's house and thought I'd shit myself once.  I felt something in the back of my boxers so I went to the toilet, looked at my kegs and was like "fuck"... then spotted a bit of caramel, braved a little smell of the things and it smelt like Mars chocolate.  The twats had put a Mars bar down my kegs after I passed out.

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Whoever voted that they pee in the sink but not the shower or the pool must have a few issues tbh. Although perhaps they have a bath and don't go swimming. Anyhow i assume the question was metaphorical so you should've answered all 3.





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I only wee in the toilet.  :snod: I may try weeing in the shower, but I don't imagine I'll be going swimming any time soon so I can rule that one out. And I don't think I could get the angle right for the sink. :laugh:

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I just asked our lass this. but due to a reverse irony because of her kidneys not working, she doesn't go at all.


She assures me though, she would just go to the toilet (if she could). Bless

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