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What do you check first?


Which board check first?  

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  1. 1. Which board check first?

    • Football
    • Tickets
    • Chat
    • Games
    • N-O FC
    • Other

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If something's actually happening - football. Often though, nowadays, it's Chat. It used to be massively rare that i'd go into Football and then leave it without looking in a thread, but i find myself frequently doing it nowadays - just when there's nowt going on really. Specially during shite like the international break.

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Am I the only one sad enough to find the House of the banned amusing? Pissed myself at some of the comments people have been pulled up for.


Yeh I had a look through it a couple years ago, check it maybe every few weeks to see if anyone's been nicked

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Guest lankybellwipe

My N-O Bookmark is the GC main index. I've said before, I love footy, but haven't got the logistics to discuss it, thats why tooj always tells me to get out on match days. I love to open my day, by having a look to see what utter toss has been added to GC !  O0

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