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What's your opinion?  

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  1. 1. What's your opinion?

    • It's all rubbish.
    • There might be something in it but most 'psychics' are con artists.
    • There are lots of things we don't fully understand and this might be one of them.
    • I believe 100%.
    • I am psychic.

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Psychics are rip off merchants.

Your avatar and sig :fwap:


I know man, I know. Let it all out. :lol:




:fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap: :fwap:

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Guest lankybellwipe

Clinton Baptiste ftw.


:lol: Is there a John in the audience?


"I'm getting the werrrrrrrrrrrrrrd.............. NONCE!" :mackems:


I am of the honest onion, that the words Phsycic, meduim, teller, fortune, Acorah, Derek, Edward amd Jonothan, were invented by insecure women, who will only believe what they WANT to  believe!


That may sound a tad sexist, please don't hate me, this is a fact....... A DAMN FACT! Women believers outweigh men believers by at least 50-1! They'll be telling me next they believe Jesus walked on the moon!

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"Pisskick? What's a pisskick?"


That Clinton Baptiste episode of Phoenix Nights is the best one imo, just edges the re-opening/family fun day one. Keith Lard is in the same episode and it just can't be beaten for that reason. :lol:


"Now I'm getting the word... nonce!"

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