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External Drive Not Recognised


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Hi All,


Asking a question on behalf of me partner. She bought a Freecom 'Tough Drive' a few months ago and has been using it to transfer data off the pc. Today though when it has been plugged in, there's no response at all, and is not showing up in 'My Computer'.


I've tried the drive on my pc and all works fine. We've also tried a pen drive on her pc and this is recognised without a problem. Both pc's running XP SP3.


Any suggestions would be really appreciated.


Terry  O0

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Sometimes a drive tries to show as a letter thats all ready assigned.


For example USB drives normally show up as E drive.


If you have a partitioned drive or mapped to a network drive all ready mapped to the same letter it wont show up in my computer. 



Try the following for XP - >


Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management and then click on Disk Management.


Can you see an extra drive in there? Also when you plug the HDD in does the safely remove hardware option show in the bottom right hand corner?

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