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Your favourite guitarists


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Dave Murray (Iron Maiden)



Hee. I remember as a young 'un watching a Maiden video with a mate and we were both amazed by how he always looked so casual: even when playing some pretty difficult stuff, he looked like he could've been doing a crossword at the same time.

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david gilmour of the mighty pink floyd



jerry cantrell of alice in chains



the late great dimebag darrell of pantera. R.I.P. 5 years today  :weep:



the dark lord of the riff, sir tony of iommi from black sabbath



tom morello of ratm/audioslave



james hetfield of metallica, for being able to sing at the same time as playing complex riffs



john squire, the best british guitarist of his generation


also kerry king/jeff hannemann of slayer, zakk wylde, steve jones of the sex pistols, dave navarro, scott ian of anthrax... i could go on all day  ;D

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Guest Alan Shearer 9


Lenny Breau did some very innovative stuff, especially with harmonics. I like his playing a lot, and Chet Atkins is just a legend.



Tommy Emmanuel was influenced heavily by both, and he's pretty  much one of the best living guitarists. I disliked his schtick a bit at first and some of his music is corny, but he's an incredible guitarist.



John Mclaughlin is one of the best British guitarists ever. For rock guitar I really bum Jeff Beck a lot. There's a bootleg on Youtube with both of them jamming.




Last one for now, from the blues. I could list hundreds but I'll go for Lightnin' Hopkins, cos there a good vid.



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Guest firetotheworks

Not in any particular order



Jon Brännström - Refused

King of the simple yet massive riff for me



Johnny Marr - The Smiths

Just lovely, and mixes some class styles together. Didn't really get into any of his stuff post-Smiths though.



Omar Rodriguez - At The Drive-In

Not really massively into his stuff with The Mars Volta, but when he's just playing rock music he's fucking ace and came up with some original and amazing stuff when he was in ATD-I



Russell Lissack - Bloc Party

I like his style a lot, I thought he saved intimacy from being even more samey than it already was.



Tom Morello - Rage Against The Machine

When I started getting into guitars he was my king. I don't like anything he did post-rage though.



Wes Borland - Limp Bizkit

I still believe that if you take Fred Durst out of Limp Bizkit they were a fucking mint band, and on their first album in particular the stuff Wes Borland did was absolutely mint.

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