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Robson Green...


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Unfortunately not dead...


But is there a more detestable person from our own region? I mean Sting is a twat like with his tantric sex talk and stupid beards, but this sellout southern wannabe boils my piss.


For those unfamiliar with the prick, here's a photo:




Green: I'm a massive twat.



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Wire In The Blood is one of my guilty pleasures. It's not exactly good (it's decent) but I love how it's filmed in the North East.


Invariably when there's a young lass missing they end up finding her naked, beaten body somewhere in Wallsend Burn, 10 minutes or so from where I'm from. It is a dodgy looking place tbf.

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Guest lankybellwipe

Robbo, Gazza, Beardsley (well, obviously... well, obviously) Waddle, Naill......


Are they asked to speak 'The Queens English' before an interview, or doing a show or what?  I tell youi, if I was asked to betray my regional accent, I'd tell that

Lily Savage bloke or Motson to fuck off!

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