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New Labour rebranding was crap, says Prezza


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John Prescott: New Labour rebranding was 'crap'

John Prescott has admitted he regarded Tony Blair's rebranding of "New" Labour as "a load of crap".

By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter

Published: 6:29PM GMT 09 Dec 2009



The former deputy prime minister revealed that when he was told about the renaming of the party: "I said: 'What a load of crap... what the bloody hell are you on about?' I've never used (the term). It's Labour, for Christ's sake."


In a typically outspoken interview with the New Statesman, Mr Prescott said he would have preferred Gordon Brown to have become leader in 1994 rather than Mr Blair, who he said he had once accused of being "a bloody Tory".


He said: "I personally would have supported Gordon. And then Tony would become the obvious successor . . . Gordon was more politically in tune with me."


Mr Prescott said relations between Mr Blair and Mr Brown became so bitter that he reminded Mr Blair that he could sack his chancellor and suggested to Mr Brown that he could quit.


"I got fed up with the two of them moaning at me . . . I did say to Tony: 'Look, you're the prime minister. You're complaining you're not getting all the information you want, then bloody sack him, but don't keep moaning about it.'


"Gordon would say, 'I can't trust (Mr Blair)' . . . So I said, 'Well, for Christ's sake, go then . . . I don't want to hear impossible moans, because all you're trying to do is persuade me to go one way or another'."


Turning to the Iraq war, Mr Prescott said: "I do wonder, looking back now, having the privilege of discussing with Tony about all this – how did I then go along [with it]?


"Listen, Bush is crap; you know it, I know it, the party knows it... I did listen to some of the video links between Tony and Bush . . . and I mean, they can be hair-raising, because Bush has got his own kind of approach . . . It did make you think.


"I've often thought, Well, (Mr Blair) could have just said: 'Sod you . . . we're not doing it'."


Asked about allegations that Lord Goldsmith, the former attorney general, was bullied by Mr Blair into giving his approval of the war, he said: "If you say, 'Was Goldsmith a happy man about this?' – no, he wasn't. That's quite different from saying, 'No, I'm sorry, my view is that it's illegal, I'm not supporting it.'"


Mr Prescott said he threatened to resign when Mr Blair suggested inviting Paddy Ashdown to join the party.


"I said, 'If he walks in that door, I'm out that door. No discussion.'"


Asked if Labour went too far in courting ­Rupert Murdoch and that "bloody Rebekah Wade woman" (the former editor of the Sun), he said: "I have no doubt about that . . . I used to say to both Gordon and Tony, 'For Christ's sake, the Murdochs are only exploiting us. We shouldn't be involved with them.' Making a pact with the Sun is not my style."


He also launched an attack on bankers, saying: "Who the **** put us in this position? The same smart men, now saying they're going to get our money back . . . but in the meantime, the money for these mercenaries – because that's what [they are] – is billions. Financial bloody mercenaries."


The full interview appears in this week's New Statesman.


What a frigging LEGEND.  :laugh:

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Mr Prescott said he threatened to resign when Mr Blair suggested inviting Paddy Ashdown to join the party.


"I said, 'If he walks in that door, I'm out that door. No discussion.'"



Why did Prescott dislike Ashdown so much?  He probably would have made a capable minister, as opposed to some of the talentless career politicians that Blair ended up appointing to jobs they weren't good enough to do.

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